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Sounds Lyrical

Sounds Lyrical is a collaboration between poets and composers with close ties to the City of York. The group who formed into an Ad Hoc committee in 2012 have links with the two universities and the two main literary open mics in the City.

For some years now, new music has been promoted through the Northern Songwriters Forum; and while these have been very successful, composers have been concerned that their music is not reaching the audiences who might appreciate them. To some extent new classical music has been tainted by the atonalism of the mid 20th century, yet today composers are writing new works with fresh sounds which are very much easier to listen to than many potential listeners believe. Even Beethoven’s 7th Symphony was the height of cacophony when it was first performed.

There is long tradition of composers turning to poets for the lyrics to their songs, Beethoven to Freidrich Schiller for his Ode to Joy, Schubert and many others to Goethe. Over the last year or two, York composers have worked with York poets and their work has been performed at various Late Music Concerts over the last few years.

Over the last 7 years York has become a major centre for contemporary writing and the two main Open Mics, Speakers’ Corner and The Spoken Word along with small press publisher Stairwell Books have nurtured a very talented pool of writers of all ages, some of whom have provided the words for local composers and new classical songs.

Members of the Sounds Lyrical steering group are:-

Rose Drew

Poet and Flautist, Moderator of The Spoken Word and Proprietor of Stairwell Books

Alan Gillott

Poet, Singer and Composer, Moderator of The Spoken Word and Proprietor of Stairwell Books

David Lancaster

Composer and Head of Programme: Music at York St. John University

David Power

Classical Composer: David is also acting as coordinator for Sounds Lyrical

Josephine Peach

Accompanist: Liaison for performers and leader of The Fairfax Ensemble

For further information about Sounds Lyrical please contact David Power by email.