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David Power

David Power    Composer

Coordinator of Sounds Lyrical

    “The 21st Century will be a golden age for songwriting.”


His first interest was rock music. In the late 1970’s and early 1980’s he played in a number of bands in York and his song Two Messages appeared on the compilation album New Belief in Old Cities in 1983. However, the electronic instrumentals on David Bowie’s albums Low and Heroes led him to become increasingly interested in more experimental music and, in due course, he discovered the music of composers such Boulez and Stockhausen. This prompted a change in direction. He studied composition with Richard Steinitz, Steve Ingham and Roger Marsh.

His Three Chamber Pieces was premiered at the 1987 Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival and since then his work has been performed widely throughout the UK and, more recently, throughout Europe and the USA. He has received a number of commissions over the years and his work has been broadcast on BBC Radio 3 as well as on various regional radio stations.

Since the 1990’s his style has become increasingly simple and direct and he has developed a strong interest in song writing. However his interest in experimental music can still be heard in his electronic compositions.

His music has been used in short film sound tracks and gallery installations as well as in the concert hall. He supplied the soundtrack for Linda Ingham’s acclaimed Heavy and Light installation at Grimsby Minster in 2008. He has also supplied soundtracks to a number of short films by Annabel McCourt notably Spooky which tells the story of a young woman’s life prior to her diagnosis as an Asperger’s Syndrome sufferer and Delphine which will get its first screening at the 2012 Bathing Beauties Festival.

Earlier this year, his Eight Evening Songs was included on the Songs Now CD released on the Meridian label and he has just completed a ten minute work for the Elysian Singers which will be premiered in the Late Music concert Series in October.