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Rose Drew

    Poet, Flautist and Actor


    “If you ask me what I came into this world to do, I will tell you:  I came to live out loud”
                             -Emile Zola

Rose Drew, from York via Miami, is finally wrapping up a PhD involving human skeletons and will decide what to do next. Rose first appeared on a stage, holding a flute, at age 10. Having survived that, she’s felt at home on stages ever since. Rose is addicted to hosting open mics, co-founding three in two continents: York’s Spoken Word is now in its 10th year; so since 2003 Rose has appeared in front of an audience on the first Tuesday of every month, missing only four consecutive Tuesdays when she moved from America to England. Rose also misses the odd First Tuesday when she heads to the states to vote for Presidents, since her other obsession is human rights: she has been politically active since age 12. Her work, mostly poetry, has been published in anthologies, newsprint, and journals starting in 1977; her favourite place to be is in front of a large audience, performing.

Her poem, In Celebration of My Ignorance was set by David Power for the April 2011 Late Music concert series, and was written to protest advice she should tart up her poems with obscure academic references, because her work was not complex enough. Rose bristled and wrote the poem as a retort; luckily, her poetry guru, the amazingly brilliant Dale Shaw, laughed. The poem was published a few years back in Strong Verse, for which she earned a publication fee.  Rose is looking forward to further collaborations with composers and musicians as part of the Sounds Lyrical Project; and she wonders, maybe, if she should try and make some noise with her old flute.

Rose co-owns small press Stairwell Books and is delighted that all the hard work, especially from partner Alan, demon book designer, is finally paying off. Her own first book, Temporary Safety (Fighting Cock Press) was No 9 of the 2011 Purple Patch 20 Best Individual Collections.