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Tim Brooks

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Composer and Educationalist

    “I have made up music since I was a child.  I spend my adulthood trying to refind that childlike simplicity and economy of communication.”

Tim Brooks studied music at York University and gained a teaching qualification in music and drama from Leeds University.

He has always endeavored to combine his career as a composer and teacher and, as a result, has written a great deal of music that brings together performers of all ages and ability.

He has had a long standing link with the Ryedale Festival and during this period has annually composed and conducted eight one-act ‘community’ operas.

“I enjoyed the awesome music and the professional singers”
Young participant (The Odyssey 2010)

“The resulting work was a great success involving dance, rap and soaring sopranos.”
Arts Council England (Opera in a Day 2008)

“...the band playing Tim Brooks’s tuneful, rather Brittenish music....and the packed audience hemming in the performers, united in a communal dramatic action as enthralling as I have experienced in a long time”
OPERA Magazine (Everyman 2009)

Although by no means a poet nor a singer, he has, as a composer, constantly found great inspiration in the spoken/written word as a musical and dramatic catalyst.

Alongside his work as a freelance composer and teacher, Tim also leads the York Arts Education service.