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Sounds Lyrical

The Sounds Lyrical Project is a collaboration between poets and composers connected with the city of York. Its aims are for poets and composers to work together to create new classical music songs based on texts by the poets and to promote poetry and classical songs to ever wider audiences These may seem strange ambitions in the early 21st Century. After all, didn’t the classical song have its heyday in the 19th century and an ‘Indian Summer’ in British music in the first half of the twentieth century? Didn’t it then all but disappear after World War 2 when the European avant-garde was at its height? All that is true. However, the influence of the European avant-garde is now receding, new generations of composers are emerging who are as influenced by rock music as by classical music. These composers are at ease with stylistic diversity as well as with their own musical heritage – including the wonderful British Songs written early in the twentieth century.  Thus, the early 21st Century actually suggests itself as a very good time to be writing classical songs. Poetry, of course, is as popular as ever.

The aims of the Sounds Lyrical Project are:

  • To find new audiences for accessible new vocal music
  • To further opportunities for performances of new compositions and poetry
  • To foster collaboration between composers and poets
  • To establish a creative vibe for vocal music which is satisfying to audiences, poets, composers and performers